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The Art of Tailoring

Combining traditional Shanghainese tailoring with

contemporary design and fabrics, Shanghai Tang's

Imperial Tailoring Atelier is the ultimate interpretation

of modern Chinese couture. Led by Shanghai Tang's

tailoring experts, the atelier blends the old and new in

the creation of gowns and suits that are stylish

and modern yet steeped in tradition and history.



Imperial Tailoring Atelier

Shanghai Tang’s Imperial Tailoring Atelier rejuvenates ancient

Shanghainese craftsmanship with the finest European

fabrics and innovative silhouettes. Classic Chinese design

elements are reinterpreted by experienced tailors,

who fashion the most intricate handmade flower

buttons, beaded lace, hand-sewn satin piping, and

carved semi-precious stones.





Contact our Imperial Tailoring 


For enquiry and appointment, please contact our Imperial

Tailoring Manager at [email protected] or by phone at

+852 2918 1505.

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